Thursday, 11 September 2014

Welcome To The Unofficial Japanese Film Festival Blog!

I LOVE Australia’s Japanese Film Festival.

The reason is simply that I love Japanese films and Australia's Japanese Film Festival is the largest film festival outside of Japan to showcase Japanese cinema. Every year, the Festival has an eclectic selection of films that always make for a fascinating cinema-going experience. Whether you're into action, drama, comedies or documentaries, there is really something for everybody.

I started writing about the JFF back in 2009, and contributed to its Official Blog in 2010. Sadly, that blog hasn't continued since then. I miss it a lot and have therefore decided to create my own little blog. Through this blog, I hope to share news, reviews and other interesting tit-bits related to the Festival and Japanese cinema in general.  

Thank you very much for reading and just a reminder that this is an unofficial blog and all views expressed here are entirely mine.

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